Healthy Rules, Food List, Prayer

  1. Do not smoke or consume illegal drugs or abuse legal drugs.
  2. Drink at least three glasses of pure water per day.
  3. Eat at least five portions of fruits and or vegetables per day.
  4. Eat foods from the good list and avoid foods from the bad list.
  5. Do not consume foods or drinks that contain man-made sugars or sugar derivative’s or caffeine.
  6. Fast on Fridays, or at the minimum, one day per month.
  7. Sleep a minimum of eight hours of sound quality sleep per night.
  8. Meditate at least fifteen minutes per day.
  9. Exercise a minimum of twenty to thirty minutes, three or four times a week.
  10. Do not consume more than two alcoholic drinks per day

GOOD Food / BAD Food list

The Good Food List:

Fruits:                                          Vegetables:

Apples                                          Broccoli

Apricots, dried                          Brussel Sprouts

Bananas                                        Cabbage

Blueberries                                   Carrots

Cantaloupe                                   Cauliflower

Cherries                                        Chick-peas

Grapefruit                                     Chili Peppers

Grapes, red                                   Garlic

Kiwifruit                                       Kale

Oranges                                    Lentils & Lima Beans

Plumes                                          Onions

Prunes                                          Peas

Pumpkin                                      Peppers, red bell

Raisins                                          Pinto Beans

Raspberries                                   Potatoes, sweet

Strawberries                                Romaine Lettuce

Avocado                                       Spinach

Papaya/Pineapple        Tomatoes

Mangoes                                       Soybeans/Tofu

Meats/Fish/Fowl:                       Grains/Breads/Pasta:

Chicken                                        Barley

Cod                                              Brown Rice

Haddock                                      High-fiber Cereal

Herring                                         Oat Bran

Mackerel & Anchovies           Oatmeal

Salmon                                       Whole-grain Bread

Tuna, Turkey                              Whole-grain Pasta

Dairy products:

Cottage Cheese                            Oils:

1% or Nonfat Milk                        Canola Oil

Skim Yogurt                                  Olive Oil


Fig bars, Flaxseed, Red Tea, Green Tea

The Bad Food List: (Mainly Man-Made foods)

• Commercially-made cookies, crackers, cakes, and doughnuts

• Candies

• Restaurant fried chicken, onion rings, and French fries

• Margarine and shortening

• Ice cream

• Mayonnaise and salad dressing

• Potato chips and other man-made chips

• Ground beef, red meats, fast-food hamburgers

• Most pizzas

• American cheese :white cheeses are not as bad as yellow chees

• All sodas and artificially sweetened juices and soft drinks


If you want to Reduce your LDL, the Bad Cholesteroland Increase your HDL the Good Cholesterol, Then Reduce the following:

1) Butter

2) Cheese

3) Ice Cream

4) Meats – bacon, sausage, red meat, beef, lamb, and pork

5) Shortening-pie crust, fried foods, and snacks.

And Increase the following:

1)Fatty Fish-salmon, tuna, sardines, herring, mackerel, halibut, & trout

2) Oatmeal, oat bran, and high-fiber foods, beans, barley, figs, apples, et cetera

3) Walnuts, almonds, and other nuts; a handful of nuts per day

4) Olive oil; two tablespoons per day

5) Alcohol (preferably red wine)—one or two glasses per day

All foods have some nutritional value but certain foods are more beneficial to the body.


O my dear God

O my dear Jesus

And the Holy Spirit,

Thank you for this moment of life.

Thank you for this breath of air.

Thank you for providing water and food for my body,

And thank you for protecting, guiding, and nourishing my soul.

 Thank you for __________.

Please help and/or grant me with__________.

Please protect and guide my thoughts, words, heart, and soul

Towards you during this earthly journey so that after this life I will be in heaven.

Please help me to love God, me, and everyone.

I love you, trust you, believe in you, and hope to be with you.